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Optimize tax costs using our years of experience

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Optimize tax costs using our years of experience

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We provide expert tax and advisory services to individuals and small businesses.

Estimator Tax Consultancy provides in-house & external trainings, and regular seminars, to keep you and your staff fully up to date with the legislation related to VAT in your sector. We provide materials with analysis and advice on law changes, cases and UAE Federal Tax Authority’s current views and guidelines.

We will complete all your VAT Management functions for you, so that you and your staff are able to give their attention to other important business issues. You will SAVE YOUR COST of hiring any new staff as VAT accountants. You may choose any of our other Individual VAT services OR our Full VAT Management Service.

Our experts will help you in correct and legal calculations of input VAT, output VAT and complex calculations related to partial-exemptions and reverse charge. Based on these calculations, we will help you ascertain the correct VAT amount that you need to pay or receive from the government.

We provide you wide-ranging VAT documents support including VAT invoices and record-keeping support.

We will assist you in preparing the required format for VAT invoices. You will need to change your existing invoice format and replace it with VAT invoices format. This applies to both Manual and Electronic invoicing.

We will also assist you maintaining the correct records of required documents, either at your company or with us.

About Us

Estimator Tax Consultancy was founded by highly qualified & experienced professionals with a vision of providing excellent VAT services to clients across the UAE.

Estimator Tax Consultancy is a UAE VAT specialist company. Our team has expert commercial knowledge and years of industry experience across a broad range of sectors. We understand that there are extensive implications of VAT on all UAE based businesses - Small, Medium & Large Enterprises.

By appointing us, you will have a trusted VAT Consultancy – providing latest VAT information, professional training, expert guidance and quick solutions to back you through the VAT’s legal implementation process.

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Our Core Values

About us

Our firm has been providing expert tax and consulting services to individuals and small businesses throughout the country since 1989.


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